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Curatorial Statement

Karla Dickens, Creative Director

As a First Nation woman, artist, storyteller, and environmentalist alive and active at this crucial time on the planet I aim to strive for the solution while asking myself and others juicy, punchy questions. My involvement in ART BYRON focuses on asking the audience, artists, and wider communities the question – Love or Fear?  

After 2020 we all have the amazing opportunity to create and drive major change, to hold and embrace what really matters, to let go of the unnecessary, building a safe holistic environment that pops with soulful colourful connection.

Blessed to call Bundjalung country home for the last 18 years, I feel I have a solid eye and feel when it comes to the local art movements, creatives, and spaces in a wide range of communities.

In this time I have also had amazing opportunities working around the country with some of the best in the art world. 

As we gather on this land for ART BYRON I’m totally pumped to weave together all my inspirations and experience into a current meaningful celebration of diverse cultures and communities – locally and from further afield.

I aim to nurture the importance of art, exploring multidisciplinary forms, with a warmth that invites and includes anyone with a sense of hope, growth, and possibility.  

In this process I acknowledge and respect the work Glenn Barkley has already contributed.